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Anything you do not find here can be special ordered. This page lets you know essentially everything available. Please note there might be an additional $5-$25+ charge for making certain blends that are seasonal or special order.

Blends are continually updated. Therefore, at times the name of products you remembered might have changed. The formula might have changed as well. Please be sure to read the description on the Shop page or ask about the label before making a purchase.


 *Seasonal            **Custom/Made to Order            ***Limited Quantities

Creams & Balms

 After Shave Cream

Coco{a}Shea Cream***

Correcting Cream

Deodorant I

Deodorant II**

Extreme Cream

Hair Cream***

Head Aide Cream*

Lip Balm

Lip Balm (Tinted Gold)*

Lip Balm (Tinted Red)*

Men’s Cream***

Tiger Cream

Vapor Cream*


Baby Bath**

Cloud 9 Soap***


Foaming Hand Soap Concentrate**

It’s Amazing™ Soap

Lavender Soap

Lavender Sage Soap

Lemon Moringa Soap

Oatmeal Turmeric Soap

Peppermint Soap*

Pumpkin Soap*

Pumpkin Spice Soap*

Rose Soap*

Skin Healer Soap


Antiox Face/Body Scrub***

Foot Scrub

Herbal Face/Body Scrub

Bath Salts

Citrus Bath Salts**

Lavender Bath Salts**

Rose Bath Salts**

Hair Care

Head-to-toe creams and balms can be used for hair care

Flax Seed Gel**

Herbal Shampoo**

Mists & Sprays

After Shave Spray**

Bug Shield*

Citrus Herbal Mist**

Hand Cleanser**

Lavender Herbal Mist

Rose Herbal Mist

Spice Herbal Mist**

Herbal Teas, Preparations & Accessories

Baby Powder**

Cold/Flu Tea (Adult)**

Cold/Flu Tea (Kids)**

High Calcium Tea**

Nursing Tea**

Single Loose-leaf Tea (Various)**

Sinus Saver Tea **

Serene Sleep Tea**

Tea Ball Infuser/Strainer

Tulsi Rose Tea**